2017 Summer/Fall Season

December 17, 2017


Thanks for another successful season.  All the final stats are posted.  Please note, names with a red highlight next to it means they had outstanding Ad-Hoc fees and had stats reversed.  Green highlight means you finished in the top 10 of your division.  In order to be eligible for the individual top 10, you had to have played in at least half of the games throughout the season (113 games for A division and 90 for all other divisions).

Team plaques for first and second place will be ordered and we’ll bring them around the bars as well as with individual award pins.

The next season will start on 10 January 2018.  Please have the sign up sheets turned in at the drop box in Xenis by 31 Dec 2017.  If you have any questions, please contact one of the league officers.

Your league officers for next season are as follows.

President: Cam Collins
Vice President:  Terry “Sleepy” Ashby
Secretary:  Aaron Twigg

They were voted on at the last captains meeting.

Finally, thanks to everyone who came out for the End of Season Tournament.  Hope everyone had a good time.

Have a good holidays and we’ll see everyone back after the New Year.


December 12, 2017


The last week of the last season of the year is finally here. The general membership meeting will be tomorrow at 1830 at Phantom. Please ensure you have a representative from your team there.

Additionally we have the end of season tournament this Saturday. Sign ups start at 1330 at Woodstock and will close at 1500 with darts actually starting around 1530.

Remember to get your makeup games done by this Friday, December 15th, for them to be officially scored. Shoot well.


December 5, 2017


My apologies for the late post about this, but we will be holding the week 14 RAT meeting tomorrow at Xenis at 1830. I understand some people may be working and unable to attend , but if you can send a representative from your team please do so.

– Cam

November 29, 2017


Week 12 stats are all posted.  Team captain, please note that any player in the individual stats that has a red mark next to their name owes money for adhoc fees.  Please contact me to figure out how much.  If not paid by the end of this week, stats will be reversed.

Reminder that all make up games need to be finished and turned in by 15 Dec 17.  I’ll be calculating the final stats that weekend and wont take any score sheets after that day, no exceptions.

Sign up sheets will be due no later than 31 Dec 17 for the Winter/Spring ’18 season.  If you have any questions, please contact on of the current league officials.

Finally, just want to remind everyone of the End of Season Tournament on 16 Dec 17.  Sign up will start at 1300 at Woodstock.  Come out and enjoy some food and some darts.

As always, if there are any questions or concerns, please contact one of the league officials.


November 20, 2017


Week 11 stats are all posted.  Reminder to all teams, you need to play any make up games prior to the week 15 matches.  Due to the holidays, no make up games will be excepted after 15 Dec 17.  Also, all captains are responsible for AD-HOC fees.  Any unpaid fees will result in any wins being reversed.

Finally, sign up sheets for the next season, beginning 10 Jan 18, will be due in no later than 31 Dec 17.

Please contact any of the league officers if you have any questions.


October 31, 2017

Happy Halloween everyone,

All week 8 stats were posted.  There was an issue with a B  Division game score sheet between Playoff/The Loft A.  I’ve already contacted the home team captain so individual player stats for those 2 teams will no be updated until I get the corrections.  These will be reflected in the Week 9 individual stats.

I need captains from the following teams to contact about outstanding Ad-hoc player fees through week 8.

HTV, Playoff, Phantom, Champs A, and E-18.

Finally, just want to echo Cam for the RAT meeting tomorrow at 1830 @ The Loft and a Captains meeting next week at 1830 @ VFW.  Reminder, RAT meetings are optional but encouraged and the Captains meeting is MANDATORY.  Failure to send a representative from each team will result in -2 wins on your first missed meeting, -4 for the next and -6 for the final meeting of the season.  There will be a sign in sheet and we do check for each teams representative.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please contact a league official.  Thanks

October 30, 2017


It’s week 9 so we are due for our next RAT meeting. It will be held this Wednesday at The Loft at 1830 and the captain’s meeting will be held at VFW next Wednesday at the same time. As always if there are any issues you are having with anything in the league, please contact one of the league officials.


October 23, 2017


Week 7 Stats are posted.  If there are any concerns, please contact a league official.

Thanks to everyone who came out to the Mid Season tournament this past weekend.  Hope everyone enjoyed the food and had a good time.


October 17, 2017


Week 6 Stats are posted.  If there are any concerns, please contact a league official.

Reminder to all, the Mid Season Tournament will be held this weekend, 21 Oct 2017.  Sign up starts at 1330 @ VIP and ends at 1500.  If you have any questions, please contact a league offical.  Hope to see everyone out there this weekend!



October 9,2017


All week 4 and 5 states are posted.  There are not A Division stats for week 5 since both games were rescheduled.  They will be posted once the make up games are received.

Captains of the Following teams, please contact me.

A Division:


B Division:



C Division:

Champs A


D Division:



There will be a captains meeting this coming week, 11 Oct 17 at JJ’s @1830.  Please come out and express any issues or concerns you might have.

Finally, this is the reminder that the Mid Season tournament will be held on 21 Oct 2017.  Flyers will be out this week.  The Bars will be VIP, Bobos and Boogie House.  Sign up starts at 1330 at VIP and ends at 1500.  Please let us know if you have any questions.


October 3, 2017


In honor of 추석 (Korean Thanksgiving) happening tomorrow we will be moving the week 5 captain’s meeting to next week (week 6). We would also like to ask that teams be considerate of reschudles for the holiday as a number of our Korean players will be spending the day with family.


September 26, 2017


There will be no stats uploaded for Week 3 till I start getting the sheets for the make up games.

This is a reminder to all team Captains and Co-Captains.  It is your responsibility to to notify the other team if you are unable to make a game on the scheduled date, ahead of the match.  NOT THE LEAGUE OFFICIALS.  This includes for exercises that will cause teams not to be able to play.  Failing to do this might cause a forfeit of that weeks game.  Please try to reschedule in advance as much as possible and please be a little flexible if a team is trying to reschedule with you.  We’re all here for the friendly competition and to have fun!

REMINDER:  THERE WILL BE A RAT MEETING TOMORROW @ 1830 at Woodstock.  All Captains and Co-Captains are welcome.  Agenda for tomorrow night:

Mid Season Tournament

Any Issues with the season so far.

If there are any questions or concerns, please contact the league officials.


September 20, 2017


The stats for Week 2 are all posted.

There will be a RAT meeting on 27 Sept @ 1830.  There will be a Captains Meeting on 4 Oct @ 1830.  Location for both are TBD.  I’ll post the locations on here and on the Facebook page.

Also, Loki had to step down as VP so if there is anyone that wants to step up and fill the position, please let Cam or myself know.

If there are any questions or concerns, please contact a league official.


September 5, 2017

All Schedules are up for this next season.  A couple of things to note.

First, we had a vote at the end of last season to decide whether to keep the divisions or more to an A Division and Open Division system.  The votes came in to keep the divisions as they have been the last few seasons.  With that said:

Secondly, there were only five teams to sign up for both A and D division.  This means that each team will have 3 by weeks throughout the season.  When looking at the schedules, the BY WEEK is denoted by team 6.  This means that if your team is playing team 6, you have a by that week.  B and C division will run as normal.

Finally, the first Captain’s Meeting will be held tomorrow, 6 September @ 1830 at Boogie House.  Please ensure there is a representative from each team there as this will be when schedules and score sheets are handed out for the season.

Reminder of the league officers for the season.

President: Cam

VP: Loki

Secretary: Aaron

All our contact information can be found under the “Contact Info” tab on the main menu.  It is also listed on the top of every schedule.

As always, if you have any questions, please contact one for the league officers.


August 25, 2017  

All week 15 stats are up.  Thanks again for everyone for playing this season.  Hope to see back for the next!

Thanks to the few people that did show for the final General Membership meeting.  We voted on league officials for next season.

President: Cam
Vice President: Loki
Secretary: Aaron

The votes for the few changes are all in.  Here are the results:

Add the rule to the By Laws concerning tournaments:
Yes: 27
No: 0

Format for next season:
A – D Division: 17
A and Open Division: 10

I’ll be coming around to deliver pins and will deliver the plaques once I get them in.

Reminder, sign up sheets for next season are due tomorrow night, 26 Aug.  If you have any concerns, please contact a league official.


August 15, 2017

All Week 14 Stats are posted.  Any questions or concerns, please contact a league officer.

All Adhoc player fees are due with the final score sheets.  No money, no wins.

A Division:


FXB: SSam: $3 Week 12

SYM: Areum: $3 Week 14
Roscoe: $3 Week 13

HTV: Shin Dragon: $3 Week 14
DJ: $6 Week 12, 14

SMD: Silent: $3 Week 14
Sook: $6 Week 13, 14
B Division

VIP1: Y: $3 Week 13

Xanadu: Yoon: $3 Week 11
HW: $6 Week 9, 13

Playoff: KH: $3 Week 10

C Division

Deli: Roach: $3 Week 3, 8, 12, 14
JT: $3 Week 11
EJ: $3 Week 11
Thompson: $9 Week 3, 8, 14
VIP 2: Lotso: $3 Week 13

Subic Bay A: Nozer: $6 Week 5, 9

Level: Irish: $3 Week 10
Cherry: $6 Week 9 – 10
Jim: $3 Week 9
Tiger Cobra: Jason: $6 Week 9, 13

D Division

The Loft B: Jeong: $18 Week 4, 6 – 9, 12, 14

A general membership meeting will be held tomorrow, 16 Aug 18 @ 1830 at Xanadu.  All players are encouraged to come out as we will be voting on next seasons league officials.  If you would like to step up for a position, please come out.

We will also be handing out ballots for bylaw changes and for the format of next season.  Please vote and have them in the score drop box NLT 2300 on 19 Aug 17.  This is also the time all outstanding score sheets from this season are due.  If you have make up games, have them done by then or contact Cam or myself.

Also, sign up sheets for Summer/Fall ’17 season are due NLT 26 Aug 17.  The next season is scheduled to start 6 Sept 18.  This will allow us to finish up around 13 Dec 17, well before the holidays.  If you have any questions or concerns, Please contact Cam or myself and we’ll handle it or pass anything on to next seasons officials.


August 8, 2017

This is a reminder for the RAT meeting tomorrow night (1830) that will be held at Playoff under Korea Hotel. There were a number of good comments/observations at the last captain’s meeting and we will continue that discussion/decide on a few of the things proposed.

The general membership meeting to close the season will be held next Wednesday at 1830. The location is tentatively at Xanadu, but I have to reach out to confirm. There we will vote on league officers for next season and discuss some a few upcoming things for the league. Maximum participation for this would be appreciated so please encourage your teams to attend.


July 23, 2017

There has been a few changes to D Division Captains.

Woodstock 2:

New Captain: Daniel Phone# 01067210355

Subic Bay B:

New Captain: Devin Phone# 01057658556

Co-Captain: James Phone# 01024972278



July 23, 2017

All week 11 stats are posted.  If there are any questions or concerns, please contact and officer.

Week 12 stats will be late since I’m going to be out of town for the next week.  They will be up with the Week 13 stats the following week.

Notes from the Captains Meeting this past week.

  1. End of Season Tournament date and bars were finalized.  The flyers have gone out as well or you can find it on here under the tournaments tab.
    Date: 19 Aug 17
    Location: Xenis
    Other Bars: Level, Jumi’s, Phantom
    Time: Sign Up: 1330 – 1500 Play: 1530
  2. Sign ups for next season are due on 19 Aug 17.  If you have questions, contact an officer.
  3. Final RAT meeting will be held 9 Aug 17 at 1830 and a General Membership meeting will be held on 16 Aug 17 at 1830.  Once we get the locations we push it out on here and via the facebook page.
  4. Officers for the Summer/Fall ’17 season will be voted on at the general membership meeting.  Please make an effort to attend.  On that note, if you are interested in being an officer next season or have any questions concerning the duties, please contact Cam or myself.
  5. Finally, we will look at creating a ballot to pass around to the bars and teams for any rule changes.  This would shorten the final general membership meeting.  One big change that was brought up is the possibility of going back to an Open Division set up rather than the current way we are doing it.  Talk about it among you bars and teammates.
  6. Plaques will be ordered at the end of the season and will be handed out once they are received.  1st and 2nd place teams will be awarded plaques for the bar.  If anyone wants an individual plaque, it can be ordered but at the individuals expense.  Please contact me if you have any questions.


July 18, 2017

All the week 9 and 10 stats are up.  Sorry for the delay.  For the week 10 Stats, if your name is highlighted in red, you owe money for adhoc player.  Money is required by Friday night or wins will be reversed.  Last chance, no exceptions.

Reminder that the captains meeting is mandatory.  No shows will be docked 2 wins, 4 wins if you missed the first one.

As always, any questions, please contact an officer.


July 18, 2017

This is a reminder for the mandatory captain’s meeting tomorrow at Voodoo at 1830. We have a handful of things to discuss, pins from last season to distribute, and the vote to move dart nights to Tuesdays as opposed to Wednesdays. Please come out and represent your team/bar.


July 5, 2017

With everybody coming off of the 4 day weekend and just finishing the mid-season tournament, Aaron and I decided to push back the next RAT meeting to week 10 and the following captain’s meeting to week 11. The RAT meeting will be held at Loft at 1830 next Wednesday (12 July). There we will put forward our ideas for the end of season tournament and have a couple of other announcements as well as take suggestions from attendees for proposed bylaw changes.

The location for the captain’s meeting hasn’t been decided yet, but as a reminder we will be voting then about the potential to change league nights to Tuesdays instead of Wednesdays as was discussed at our previous meetings. Captains, please get in touch with your bar owners and discuss this change with them to bring their observations/suggestions to the meeting.

Good luck tonight and shoot well.


July 3, 2017

First off, I’d like to thank everyone that came out to support the Mid Season Tournament.  It was extremely successful and I hope everyone had a good time.  Special thanks go out to the bars that opened early to host, Envy, VFW, and Tiger.

Congrats to all our winners!

1st Place: Hisong/DJ

2nd Place: YK/Bosox

3rd Place: Kooja/JH

Thank again and we hope to see everyone back out for the End of Season Tournament!

Secondly, all week 8 stats are posted.  As always, if you have any concerns, please contact a league officer.

Finally, below is a list of Adhoc players that still owe money as of week 8.  After week 10, any games won by unpaid players will be forfeit and stats will be updated.

A Division:

FXB:   SSam Week 8

Sean: Week 6 & 8

HTV:  DJ: Week 1 & 8

Jumi’s: JH: Week 3 – 5, Week 8

B Division:

VIP:  Y: Week 3 – 5

F-4 Phantom: Drew: Week 6

Playoff:  HS: Week 4, Week 6 – 8

Rewna: Week 6 – 8

K: Week 4, Week 6 – 8

C Division:

Deli:  Roach: Week 5 – 7

Rumi: Week 5 & 6

Subic Bay A:  J: Week 1 – 6

M: Week 1 – 6

Tiger Cobra:  Nick: Week 2

D Division:

The Loft B:  Jeong: Week 4, Week 6 – 8

If you have any questions or concerns with this list, please contact a league official.

Thanks as always


June 23, 2017


This post is to address some complaints about our choice for the bars participating in the mid-season tournament. This will be a long read and for that I apologize, but the situation merits explaining.

There was a Rules, Awards, and Tournaments (RAT) meeting held on May 31st where we discussed when/where the mid-season tournament will be held. Unlike the captain’s meetings these are not mandatory according to our bylaws and we saw a fairly poor showing of only 2 team captains and the league officers. Prior to the meeting Aaron and I asked around to bars with good setups who hadn’t been involved in a mid or end of season tournament in at least 1.5 seasons if they would like to participate. We decided on and suggested to those present at the meeting that Envy, VFW, Xanadu, and Phantom be the bars involved. No issues were raised at that time. Later on Phantom dropped out and we approached Tiger as a replacement.

The complaints have mostly centered around including Envy who does not currently have a team in the league. These complaints first arose at the captain’s meeting on 7 June and research was done to ensure we aren’t violating any bylaws in doing this. The long story short is that we aren’t. The time to make the complaints was on May 31st and we are too far into the planning process to back out now.

I do understand the arguments against this decision, but we have a set of rules in place to handle this process and those aren’t being respected. The league failed to elect a vice president to handle tournaments and both Aaron and I are making do as we can. If you would like to have a say in the bars for the end of season tournament or even change the rules to include a part about bar selection for these events, please attend the RAT meeting that will be held on July 5th.


June 6, 2017


The Captain’s meeting tomorrow will take place at E-Space at 1830. In accordance with league rules we are returning to penalizing those teams that don’t attend these meetings so be sure your team is represented. If for some reason you or a representative from your team can’t attend, notify me ahead of time.  Failure to have someone there from your team will result in a penalty of 2 wins being deducted from your teams record and this will cumulate to more deductions if additional meetings are missed.  We will have another meeting in Week 10 and 15.

As Aaron mentioned in the previous message I will be coming around with more score sheets for those bars that need them.  All teams should have received 5 on week one.

As always, if there are any questions or concerns, please contact a league official.


June 4, 2017


All Week 4 Stats are posted.  Reminder, there will be a mandatory captains meeting this Wednesday evening at 1830.  Location is TBD.  Cam will have it out to all the captains ASAP.  Failure to have someone there from your team will result in a penalty of 2 wins being deducted from your teams record.

Also, we will try to have some more score sheets around to the bars this week.

As always, if there are any questions or concerns, please contact a league official.



Every Wednesday Night throughout the season at 7:30 PM!